Firm Philosophy

Real help for real people. We take a strategic approach to litigation designed to keep costs down and level the playing field for everyday folks trying to take back control over a difficult situation. We are committed to working hard, providing aggressive, bold and creative representation. Our low monthly payment arrangements enable regular people to afford skilled representation in litigation.

Our Values

As a firm, hold the following values at the core of our legal practice. Our values drive the way we practice law, interact with our clients and operate our firm.


Being an attorney means working in a service profession. We look first to understand, to hear you and your case because we believe that is how we will best serve your needs.


Working with High Desert Lawyers should give you the confidence that your case is being managed by expert professionals with quality procedures. Having the confidence in your legal service provider means that you can focus on getting on with your life.


We lead cases proactively. We believe the best defense is a strong offense so we take the time to carefully review the finer details of each case to discover the subtle actions and opportunities to put you on the front foot.

Think you might need help?

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