Probate Law

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Claims of Undue Influence

Claims of undue influence arise when a departed person is influenced by another ...

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Contested Wills & Trusts

High Desert Lawyers have over a decade of experience litigating testamentary inst...

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Fiduciary Representation

Fiduciaries take on many roles. If you are acting with a power of attorney, as...

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Lack of Mental

If the departed person executed a testamentary instrument when they lacked menta...

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Removal of Personal Representative

A personal representative is a court appointed individual appointed to administe...

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Tortious Interference Actions

Tortious interference actions occur when there is no relief in probate and asset...

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There are many times in which the heirs to an estate have reason to contest a probate or initiate litigation in a probate matter.
Examples of reasons to contest a probate include:

  • An invalid testamentary instrument was submitted to the Court
  • The Decedent lacked capacity to execute a testamentary instrument submitted to the Court
  • A testamentary instrument was revised to cut out a legal or rightful heir because of the influence of another person
  • Questions of paternity and lawful heirship of a purported child
  • Prior acts of an heir, caregiver or interested party resulted in parts of the estate being diverted prior to the Decedent’s death

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